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Help Due North bring opportunity to North Tulsans

Due North is working to encourage positive change for Tulsa’s Districts 1 and 3. Our program relies on the strong and generous support of both community and employer partners to help North Tulsans thrive.

Employer Partners

Hire skilled Tulsa talent

Due North works with local businesses to connect North Tulsa residents with job openings. Our program provides job candidates who have been prescreened and received soft skills, career readiness, and technical training for our business partners. Trained and advised candidates from Due North are motivated, ready to work and receive career guidance from our team - all at no cost to you as an employer partner.

Partner with us

Community Partners

Serve the North Tulsa community

Due North works in collaboration with community partners in North Tulsa to make our services readily available to District 1 and 3 residents. Residents can attend free workshops through these community collaborations and connect with the Due North team. North Tulsans in the program can also take advantage of free technical training and other career resources that help them toward job placement, full benefits and even promotions.

Partner with us
Tim Newton

“Tulsa Dream Center knows that a zip code shouldn’t determine your future. We love being a part of the work Due North is doing to provide education and career opportunities that help North Tulsans thrive. Together, we are giving hope and changing lives.”

Tim Newton

Executive Director, Tulsa Dream Center