Due North works in collaboration with community partners in North Tulsa to make our services readily available to District 1 and 3 residents.

Through these collaborations, residents can attend no-cost workshops. Residents in the program can also take advantage of no-cost technical trainings and other career supports that help them toward job placement, full benefits, and even promotions.

How can we partner together?

The first step in building effective partnerships is recognizing the strengths of each organization. In many cases, you may have strong relationships with residents who would benefit from a referral to our program. If the resident has trust in your strong relationship, that referral from your organization will go a long way to having that resident have success entering our program.

Our strength in collaborations is that we can meet the people you serve where they are, with compassion, and help them build a pathway to a better future. We can help them with simple first steps like resume workshops and mock interviews. From there, we can take bigger steps like short-term technical training and job placement at established, local Tulsa businesses.

If you feel that your organization could partner with Due North to reach District 1 and 3 Tulsa residents, please let us know. We’ve created the form on this page to start the process. Simply fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you soon.


Due North holds a workshop at Tulsa Dream Center.


Members of the Due North team cheer on runners at the Greenwood Leadership Academy 5k run.

Let's Partner and Collaborate

Here are some distinct ways that we can partner together.

There are three easy ways we've worked with others to partner and spread the word about Due North. We would be happy to discuss any of these with your organization, or come up with a custom partnership with your team.


Partner Referrals

Your direct contact with potential Due North residents who could benefit from our support, people with amazing potential who haven’t had an opportunity to thrive, is a daily opportunity to partner. Our collaboration can be an open conversation that could link an individual to the appropriate resources. Another great strategy is to have your organization and referrals follow us on social media - whether that is Facebook or Instagram. Referrals can also apply online here.


We want to make it easy to share information. We will work with your organization to set up a job-readiness workshop at a specific location convenient to your community. These workshops allow attendees to work on perfecting their resume, understanding the job application process, and sharpening their interview skills. It's a great way for residents to get job-ready in an engaging, interactive way. 


Permanent Information Tables & Special Events

We would be happy to set up an informational table on a regular or temporary basis. When on a regular schedule, we can also staff the table to ensure visitors get their questions answered about the program. We can attend special events that you are hosting, provide a speaker, bring a training or informational event to your space, or work together to create an entirely new opportunity near you, in order to inform the community of our services. Let us know how you would like to work together and we will do our best to make it happen.

We build relationships with resource providers all across the Tulsa area, so let us help by connecting you or your customers with the resources you need. We’re all in this together.


Here are just some of the organizations that we currently partner with or have partnered with in the past as Due North or Tulsa Community WorkAdvance: