Interested? What you need to know about Due North...

Due North provides an opportunity to start where you are and move forward. Whether you would like help completing your HSE or would like to further your education with technical training, we can help. Due North can help you connect with employers, train in the skills they are looking for, and navigate the job search process. AND eligible Due North participants may receive transportation assistance. There are no fees, dues, or costs associated with participating in the program.


Your Due North Experience Starts with These Steps

Due North is based on a successful model that helps participants get career-ready by assessing and answering their needs. Your experience with Due North could start with simple resume help and practice interview. You could also be trained in a skill already - that's fine, we can help you get placed! Here's a look at some of the basic ways we help Due North customers:


Resume Help

Our team will assist you in creating or building a professional resume that highlights your abilities.


Practice Interviews

Prepare you for the job search with interview strategies that will give you the confidence to impress potential employers.


Career Coaching

Help you understand areas of strength and weakness, provide tools for improvement, and help you advance in your workplace.



Our team will help you learn effective techniques for communicating with supervisors and co-workers


Technical Training

Earn industry-recognized credentials that are in demand. Check out all the great training options that are available here.


Job Placement

We’ll work closely with you and our business partners to place you with great career opportunities in Tulsa.

Do you feel that Due North could help you? Let us know!

Click the button to go to our simple application page. Fill out some basic information and a member of the Due North team will contact you with more details.