Due North works with Tulsa business partners to connect North Tulsa residents to their job vacancies.

Our program provides candidates who have been pre-screened and have received soft skills, job readiness, and technical training to these businesses. Trained and advised job candidates from Due North are motivated, ready-to-work, and receive career guidance from our team - all at no cost to you as an employer partner.

We work with your business or organization to develop the talent pipeline you need.

Due North, and it’s parent program Tulsa Community WorkAdvance, have a long history of working with businesses in Districts 1 and 3 to deliver skilled workers. In many cases, our customers that receive training earn credentials in skilled positions that are the essentials of the manufacturing, transportation or healthcare sectors. Other times, we work with employers to identify the trainings that are needed, recruit those interested in skilling up in these new trainings, and help them with their career development - all to the employer partner’s benefit.


Program participants participate in "Greenheck Signing Day" following successful training and career readiness workshops.

Are you interested in a new pipeline of talent flowing to your business?

Our Due North team would love to collaborate on how we can help more District 1 and 3 Tulsans work with your organization. Fill out the form on this page, and we can discuss how to better work together and send motivated, coached, and credentialed workers your way.