Due North was created in response to the overwhelming number of underserved residents in Tulsa’s Districts 1 & 3. The purpose of the program is to provide North Tulsa residents the opportunity to receive the soft skills and other training necessary to be successful. The program relies on the relationships built between the residents, community partners and local businesses. Due North grows and strengthens relationships to build a stronger community.

For North Tulsa Residents

We connect North Tulsans with exceptional, local employers by providing access to high-quality short-term training, certifications and career support at no cost to our customers. The training offered is designed to help North Tulsa residents gain meaningful employment that provides increased wages and benefits which in turn strengthens families.


For North Tulsa Businesses

North Tulsa is home to some of Tulsa’s most reputable and stable businesses. From McElroy to Muncie to Greenheck and more, Districts 1 and 3 are full of employers that need skilled workers. Due North helps North Tulsans earn the knowledge and certifications at no cost to become the skilled workforce for these organizations.

Do you feel that Due North could help you? Let us know!

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